Monday, October 15, 2007

I just finished reading...

Well, I just finished reading Barbar Brabec's book "The Crafts Business Answer Book - Starting, Managing, and Marketing a Homebased Arts, Crafts, or Design Business." I highly recommend that you get this book if you are starting or running a small crafts business. Her book is well organized, easy to read, and it covers just about any question that you have. She explains every topic in easy to understand language. She also provides you with additional website links so that you can look up information in more detail. Her topics cover everything from business licenses, sales tax, income taxes, marketing, copyright issues, and much more. It's well worth the price. Make sure you buy the latest edition so that it contains all of the latest information. I own an older book by Barbara Brabec and while the information is very helpful it did not include any internet links since the book was written before the internet was popular.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to register to do business

How do I register to do business? Where do I go? Can I do it myself? How much does it cost? These are many questions you are probably asking yourself. The answer is - it depends on the state where you live. (This refers to the United States only). There are many state and local regulations that have to do with doing business in a state. The easiest way to start is to go to your state's secretary of state website and then find a link that has to do with starting a business. If you don't find such a link then e-mail your secretary of state's office and ask them. Some of the common requirements that you will find will have to do with registering assumed names and registering for sales tax. Here is a link to a list of all secretary of state offices.